The Downfall and Demise of UDUB Party Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr||UK|

October 7, 2012 - Written by Maxamed Cabdillaahi Dubbe

A Political Party which could have been an institution for the democracy, a reference point for the democratization enterprise in the Horn of African region and an inspirational source for the future generations has ended up as an outcast and a pariah political party. Within the Somaliland political spectrum, UDUB has become a party that is laughed at, despised and avoided by all and everyone. It has become the synonym of worthlessness, unfruitfulness and political infertility.


The definitive collapse of the UDUB party is an unprecedented shame and disgrace for the reputation, integrity and credit of its founder [the former President Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal (AHUN)] and everything what he believed in or wished to achieve with this party. It’s also a deliberate, unforgivable and unforgettable deception, at the expense of the loyal supporters of the party. It is an outright violation of democratic values committed by ignorant and corrupt leaders of UDUB party.


The father and founder of UDUB party, Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal (AHUN) was a highly seasoned politician with tested and proven leadership qualities. He was a man with a global calibre, a competent and talented politician with profound political insight. He was a visionary leader with comprehensive understanding of world politics, an inspirational leader who was a credible role model to emulate within the Horn of African region and beyond.

With the creation of the first Democratic Party in the Somaliland Republic, he had in mind far-reaching political visions and ideals by which he wanted to achieve with this party.

Unfortunately, after his death, those who had taken over the party had neither the vision nor the capacity to manage the party. They have never demonstrated that they were capable of continuing the thoughts, ideals and visions upon which M.I.Egal had intended and founded for this party. On the contrary, they have exploited the party and utilized it as an oppression instrument.


The fundamental moral questions are now:

1)            Why has Somaliland’s first and oldest political party fallen apart so abruptly?

2)            What are the main factors that may have collectively contributed to the whole collapse of UDUB party?

3)            Who is to blame for the debacle and misery that UDUB party is now dealing with?


One of the main factors that collectively contributed to the final and conclusive collapse of UDUB party was the fact that this party was governed by bunch of callous, unfeeling, unprofessional and ill-mannered people who lacked any self-respect, moral ethics and political decency. They did not understand the content and essence of the political art. The only thing they did understand was: intimidation, repression, using offensive language, corruption, unfounded and unfair stigmatization of the competing political parties and their leaders, and attacking anyone who referred to UDUB’s weaknesses and how the innocent people of Somaliland were deceived by the gangs of the then ruling party.


The way in which UDUB leaders behaved their unprofessional language towards national heroes; indifferent attitude regarding the future of the country and people; in essence these are the real causes of all the misery and despair that the UDUB party now dealing with. In order to preserve power, they created recurring hatred amongst the society, as well as hostility and bloodshed between the brotherly people of Somaliland. They manipulatively utilised these methods in order to reach their desired goals.


The disintegration of the UDUB party was almost visible to anyone. Everyone had the feeling that something serious was going on within UDUB party. What everyone was surprised by was the manner, extent and the speed in which the party had collapsed. UDUB had never deserved to be considered as a political party. They lacked principal based visions and context driven marketable policy agenda. In fact, unlike other political parties, UDUB was neither convincing nor a coherent political party. UDUB was a party so divided, so dominated by ideological demons; in essence the leadership of UDUB party used to fear each other more than they did their competing political opponents.


During Riyale’s administration, his inner-circle friends, cabinet members and the parliamentary representatives for UDUB have been both obdurate and obtuse in making any significant progress or changes whatsoever. Instead, things had changed for the worse, and the country was even more polarised than ever before. The top officials of the party put their interests above public interest to become untouchable, rich and remote from normal Somaliland citizens.


However, a political party leader should be ultimately judged on the basis of his vision, moral conviction and political credentials. The leadership of UDUB party has collectively failed to lead the country in a decent and cordial way. They failed to convince the Somaliland electorate on their social agenda and political vision. UDUB must accept the unpleasant but inevitable consequences of its shameless acts. Somalilanders trusted in them but they deceived the societies who were expecting a positive change.

What shameful and outrageous is the fact that those who have caused and created all this misery that UDUB party is dealing with are now tirelessly blaming to the others for their wrong doing! Somalilanders had long lost trust and belief in this ineffective party and its tyrants, so they should accept that they are defeated permanently!


Once again the slender margin between success and failure in politics is revealed by the downfall and demise of Somaliland’s oldest political party. The UDUB party might have ended up being right for all the wrong reasons but the people of Somaliland only remember the right and wrong attributes and misinformed policies which they created during their reign.



BY:          Architectural-Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr||UK|


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