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December 6, 2012 - Written by admin1

Somaliland’s political process to function fairly and democratically at all times would need solid institutions in unison with vibrant civil society that acts as the cohesion in our social fabric. The involvement of Institutions and civil society affords us a stronger anchor to hedges our fragile democracy and platform where differences of opinions prevail from the discourse of tolerant citizenry and the beating drums of political parties divisiveness  that induce tension with tribal connotation are muted out.

       The democratic system that our hopes are hinged on is in need of deeper underpinning that is equally rooted by traditional elders, religious leaders, students, women organizations, youth groups and civil society in general, these modes are the nexus of informed citizenry that  espouse common values of our society. The more proper institutions embedded in our political sphere the more we can flourish as a one country and people. Our democratic process will only be enriched and strengthened by the various institutions in our society like the customary practices in our traditional system, the Islamic tenets in our laws and guidelines and procedures enshrined in civil organizations.

        As a society we are indebted to the institutions that currently toil for peace and coexistence in our country without credit and those that operate in fairness and neutrality. Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC) has been a national treasure that demonstrated its neutrality in 2010 presidential elections and thus far has been able to coordinate with all the parties to conduct their campaigns and rallies in safe manner. The institution of higher education and the people in the academia realm and all the university students whose competence and professionalism remains indispensable, for example university of Hargeisa had over thousand students scattered across the country attending to the polling station in this local municipal elections. Somaliland Journalists and media that adhere to higher standard, the Guurti and all the elders that constantly safeguard peace and stress the importance of harmony, all deserve our gratitude.

           We are compelled to go beyond politicians and political parties in order for our sowed seeds of democracy to bore the needed public goods of alleviating the plight of our greater communities through the will and shared sacrifice of our citizens. Somaliland’s democratic plurality needs Institutions and civil society spearheaded by responsible citizens guided by the social norms that are based on the cooperation of the communities that they govern.

       Institutions and civil society are more responsive and compatible with the collective aspirations and the common interest of every Somalilander to better his/her country. Somaliland’s national conscience can be solidified from such grass-root level where divergent positions on issues can be hammered out, and the neutrality and fairness that we demand as a community, society and country come from the consensus build through such public involvement.

 If we only spend a fraction of the time that we spent on politicians and political parties then investing on our institutions we would be on a better footing right now.

Stand for Somaliland Institutions Prior to Politicians & their political parties.

Geleh Ali Gulaid


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